Sell your tee times online with Birrdi and Square POS
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What can Birrdi do for your golf course?
Manage your course more efficiently:
A golf course is an investment just like any other asset, and you need to be equipped with the right tools in order to set yourself up for success. Birrdi was built from the ground up to be that tool. We work with golf courses all over the country to ensure our product will help save you time and save you money so that you can run a profitable business.
Sell more of your tee times:
Did you know that tee times are the largest source of revenue at most golf courses? What's interesting about tee times is that they are also a perishable commodity. Once the tee time date passes, there's no longer a chance to earn revenue from it. That's why we built an automatic marketing pipeline into Birrdi. Birrdi's marketing pipeline looks at unsold tee times in your tee sheet and automatically sends promotional emails out to your golfers so that more tee times can be booked before perishing in the ether of time.
Improve your golfer retention:
Your golfers need to be treated like valuable customers. After all, they're the lifeblood of your business! With Birrdi, your golfers will be entered into a lottery once a week to earn a promo code that can only be redeemed at your course. This is a great way to make your golfers feel valued, and it's also a fantastic way to keep them coming back to play more at your course.
Is Birrdi a booking engine?
Yes, Birrdi is a booking engine and we make it easy for your golfers to book tee times online at your course.
Do I need to switch POS systems to use Birrdi?
No! You can keep your current POS system and use Birrdi solely for online tee time reservations.
If my golf course does not have a POS or if we are looking to transition POS systems, does Birrdi provide a POS?
Yes, Birrdi uses and integrates with Square POS. You will receive one free Square Virtual Teriminal to help with the transition to Square POS. Not only do you get to use Square as your POS, but you can tap into the many other useful features provided by Square: employee management, payroll, marketing, loyalty, food and beverage, and more.
How does Birrdi's automatic marketing pipeline work? Why is it so important?
During the week, Birrdi scans your tee sheet to see if at least 20% of tee times are still not booked. Birrdi will automatically send a promo code out to a random subset of your golfers based on the results of the tee sheet scan. Promo codes can only be redeemed during the week, and golfers will only be eligible to receive one promotion per week at your course, so you don't need to worry about your golfers receiving excessive discounts. We do this to help your course get more tee times out the door.
Can Birrdi be used to manage multiple golf courses at once?
Yes, absolutely. Birrdi makes it really easy to manage multiple golf courses at once.
How much does Birrdi cost?
Our pricing is simple. No lock ins and no hidden fees. Just send us an email at or call us at 347.878.0435 to find out more info.
Can I see a demo?
Yes. If you're interested in a demo just send us an email at or call us at 347.878.0435.
How is Birrdi different?
  • 1. No booking fees
  • 2. No barter system
  • 3. Full ownership over
    data and tee times
  • 4. Flat monthly rate
  • 5. Full integration with
    Square POS
No booking fees
Booking fees are bad for business
Your golfers are going online to look for ways to avoid these booking fees.
If they cannot find a way to avoid it, they might avoid your services altogether.
Start using Birrdi and you can avoid these booking fees from the get-go.
No barter system
Bartered tee times contribute to the problem
We don't believe the barter system is a fair deal for most golf courses,
so we built an alternative system that reflects our values more closely.
Start using Birrdi to take control over your tee times.
One affordable solution
Expensive tee time systems hurt your bottom line
Your tee time management system should always help you improve your bottom line and not hurt it.
That's why Birrdi favors a flat monthly fee that is affordable to golf courses both big and small.
We will never charge you per head or charge a booking fee.

We're helping you manage your golf course for the 21st century